Nuts for Bulbs

Changing beds for the season.

We were presented by our Horticulturist with the pattern for planting bulbs in the annual beds. Fewer flower choices with a more muted palate and more of a repeating pattern than some previous years. I mentioned that with the spray painted guide lines and bamboo borders, that the flower beds made me think of some of Piet Mondrian’s paintings. One of my colleague’s thought the patterns were more reminiscent of the De Stijl movement. Pointing out the architectural and artistic aspects of what we were doing. Both the artist and movement were Dutch, and we are working with bulbs, and we all know how nuts for bulbs the Dutch are.

During all this prep time, park patrons would comment on the amount of bulbs, looking forward to the spring showing, etc. One person mentioned that the patterns made her think of the Bauhaus (not the band) style. At this point, the Horticulturist, who is also our boss and was listening in while we were having this discussion while we were supposed to be working, told us that the patterns and colors were actually inspired by a children’s book she reads to her four year old, about pattern and color recognition.

Hmm, well, ok.

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