Season’s end is near

On the 9th of 10, the new panels that make the Monoliths were brought in and set up. We were fortunate to have a beautiful day to do this. Last year we did the same activity in snow. It’s a bittersweet activity because we all know now that we are literally wrapping up for the season.

While those guys were erecting the first monolith, we were completing another task. Getting 20+ freaking-giant tarps out of storage for winterizing rose beds. I remember taking these things in at the beginning of spring when they were wet and heavy and very gross. They were so wet and heavy with grossness that it took two trips with two trucks. This time one trip.

These had been stored in an old building by the river. These signs are what is left. The sign in the window is the name of the former occupant. The business wasn’t a printer, it was the owners name. I find that very funny, but that could just be me. The other sign speaks for itself. I haven’t called.

Part of getting ready for the coming of winter is cutting down and preparing. One of our colleagues who works in the Peace garden made this great spiral design for their central lawn. I would like to see this continue but know that I could not pull this off with my mowing skills.

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