What do you do with a bunch of Dead-heads?

We’ve had an exceptional year for the rose’s, and are deep in the second of three blooming periods. Most mornings after the beetle battle we spend time dead-heading the roses. No, that doesn’t mean swaying around to music and eating cold grilled cheese sandwiches in stadium parking lots. It means removing the wilted petals and rose stems from the bushes, and you don’t have to smell patchouli oil. Recently we’ve started leaving these petals and cut roses on the sidewalk.

The petals and roses generate a lot of conversation between us and the early morning park visitors. People are really enjoying being able to take the freshly cut, yet wilted roses. And tossing around and walking on rose petals? It’s kind of nice, although I’m sure most people think the Kardashian’s (Registered Trademark) or a bunch of poets must have passed through or something.

I was caught in the act by my supervisor and sentenced to the newsletter.

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