Ashes & Ashes

People use the parks. That ‘s what they are for, and we are fortunate in Minneapolis to have such beautiful and inviting places to spend our lives and create memories that last.

And last.

On occasion we find small piles of cremated. Sometimes they seem to be just placed there or dumped out instead of scattered within the winds. I’m not certain how people think these settle. or if it’s even a concern? It’s usually some mildly freaked out garden worker who finds these, and will either leave them alone or maybe quietly till them back into the soil.

I remember finding this bag last year one morning as we were doing clean-up from the previous night. One of my coworkers asked aloud why they would need to name this?

We also find on our morning rounds, less frequently thankfully, other piles of ashes, left over by ash holes. Speaking of ash holes, those “X”‘d out trees aren’t Ash and they aren’t alive either. Last year those same kids who won’t get off my lawn, peeled all the bark off these and turned them into canvases for all the cleaver graffiti they leave behind

The Spoiled Fruit of Lake Harriet AKA Vandals

When it gets nice outside, and the schools let out, we get a lot of Vandalism in the park. This all happened over the weekend of June 8th. Those concrete urns are very heavy and were attached with re-bar. Some very strong, very messed-up people spent a long time doing this. Knocking down structures, that’s easy and fun too it seems.

The last two pictures are unfortunate nightly events. Why is peeling bark, carving the moronic BS and breaking off substantial tree limbs a “thing” now? No idea.

This park is in an affluent part of the cities. All of this is caused by those precious spoiled fruits of Lake Harriet who seem to think nothing of the world around them. It makes me very sad and very angry.