Louis Boeglin was the Horticulturist for the park board in the early 20th century, having been recruited early on by Theodore Wirth. I do hope you can see this amazingly detailed map in it’s full size, here on the interweb. It is the layout for plantings in what is now known as the Trial Gardens of Lyndale Park, and is dated January, 1925.

I’m just finding out about Louis Boeglin. In my take on things, many of the concepts for our parks are credited with being thought of, and developed by Theodore Wirth. Where there is a lot of truth in that I think that people like Louis Boeglin took thise concepts and made them reality. He had his hands in the ground.

In another portion of this blog is an essay that he wrote the same year entitled Some Interesting Facts on ‘Garden Roses in the Northwest‘. I tried to recreate the page format and left in the few misspellings and typo’s. That sic thing.